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  • Who we are 

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    A Berlin-based company

    We don't just follow trends, we create them.

    • Our diverse team of designers, writers, and creative professionals seek out what users enjoy and determine the best way to create it
    • We care about performance and work hard to refine, market, and optimize our products worldwide.
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    Content for everyone, everywhere

    Offering entertaining content since 2015

    • We engage and attract all types of users, with products that are optimized for every device
    • We also offer our content in many different languages and tailor to demand.
  • What we do

    Whether you are a large network, independent site, or an influencer, we have content available to meet all needs.

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    The Enneagram Personality Test

    In our free Enneagram personality test, customers get an instant result that determines their exact Enneagram type and gives initial insights into how this influences the ways they think, feel, and behave in the world. For a small optional fee, customers can dive even deeper into their full personality profile by unlocking their premium result report.

    Figure of human head surrounded by icons, each of which represents one of the 12 personality archetypes

    The Archetypes Test

    Customers discover which archetype dominates their true personality and learn about the different influences that drive their relationships, career, and personal interests. With the optional Premium Result package, customers have the choice to unlock more to harness the true power of their personality and better understand the world around them.

    Blue icon of the human brain with different cogs

    IQ Test

    Our IQ test consists of 50 carefully-crafted questions, that are designed to measure performance across different test areas in order to calculate an accurate IQ score. For a one-off payment customers can celebrate their achievement with a digital personalized IQ certificate and gain detailed insights, practical advice, and tips on how to improve in each area of testing.

    Flower petal with each segment a different colour

    Big Five Personality Test

    Based on a scientifically verified theory of personality and enhanced by years of assessment, our Big Five personality test helps customer understand which core personality traits drive and influence their actions. With the premium package, customers gain actionable advice on how to harness the true power of their personality in order to better understand the world around them.

    Flower petal with each segment a different colour

    ...and many more!

    Built upon the three fundamental pillars of self (Discovery, Balance, and Growth), TerraYou has been designed to aid customers in developing the key skills they need to flourish in life through free personality assessments, research-backed articles, and premium result reports. Visit TerraYou.com to discover the full selection of cognitive and personality tests on offer, including our latest Mindfulness, Emotional Quotient, and Burnout tests.

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    We offer multiple partnership models and our goal is always to maximize the overall revenue.

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